Etna Paternò area (Sicily, Italy)

Landscape view of Mt. Etna from Paternò area (Image credits:

Volcano: Etna (see Etna at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: Area characterized by an intence soil diffuse emission and the presence of three mud volcanoes discharging large amounts of gaes with high CO2 contents.

This location does not have flux data

Point of contact for this site:
Marco Camarda, (INGV)

Number of measurements: 1
Measurement date (d/m/y) Added by Added on
Etna Paternò area_012005None/1/2005 Emanuela Bagnato Dec. 2, 2013

Bibliographic references for this site

Camarda, M., De Gregorio, S., Gurrieri, S., 2012,Magma-ascent processes during 2005–2009 at Mt Etna inferred by soil CO2 emissions in peripheral areas of teh volcano, Chemical Geology, vol.330-331, pp. 218-227, DOI:

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